Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Cool Guy

a cool guy in lolita

When I was out in Tremont on Friday, I stopped into Lolita. My friends and I lucked into some seats at the bar. The perfect place for people watching.

As fate would have it, this 'cool' guy was sitting at the corner of the bar. He is one of my favorite people to watch. Although you could make fun of this dude, (actually, I said that he looks like he just emerged for the casion scene in Reno)you have to love him.

He is living the dream. He is dressed in some groovy threads and out with some friends (it might have been his daughter) as a cool joint in Tremont.

This is not a guy ready for the retirement village.

The thing that caught my attention were the shades, but the leather jacket with the zippers kept my attention. I just wish the lighting was better so the picture would have been clearer.