Monday, November 14, 2011

Warhola Scrap Metals

Paul Warhola Scrap metal
Andy Warhol was a Pittsburgh native. He had amended his own name from Warhola at the beginning of his art career.
I had heard for years that he had a brother, Paul, and he owned a scrap metal company in Pittsburgh. The other day, I was in the North Side and I had to get gas. I ended up on a street I was not familiar with, but only a few blocks from the part of the neighborhood I know.
As I was filling up the tank, I noticed this sign across the street. I had randomly stumbled across Paul Warhola's scrap metal business. To my surprise, he had a nice little piece of art of his own to share.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yinz Looking for Parking for the Steelers' Game

This weekend, I ventured out into the city to have some fun. I hit a lot of different neighborhoods in the city including South Side, Oakland and the North Side.
The North Side is very close to the stadiums in Pittsburgh. That day, there happened to be a football game. While I was sitting at the traffic light, I noticed this man waiving cars into the parking lot. He was standing there without a care in the world, belly busting out and smoking a stogie.
In my head, he was saying "Yinz looking for a place to park for the Steelers' game?"
Gotta love the 'Burgh

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gentlemen Coffee Drinkers

Gentlemen at Starbucks Drinking Coffee

It is a good and a bad thing that there is a Starbucks one block from my office. It is good because when I need a break, I can wander down the block and head over there for a coffee.

Why is it a bad thing? Well, I used to have a 3 pm coffee addiction, and it seems to be returning.

During my trip yesterday, I noticed these three gentlemen sitting in the corner of Starbucks having a lively debate. Ah, the joys of retirement I thought. Or maybe it was, ah . . the joys of having somewhere to hang out besides your living room.