Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Biking through Tremont

Man biking through Tremont

One of the things I love about Tremont is there is still a great cast of characters in the neighborhood. Although a lot of young urbanites have moved into the neighborhood, the immigrant roots are still firmly planted in the soil.

On my way to get on the highway, this gentleman was biking down Clarke Avenue. Bundled in his winter gear, he was biking with some supplies in his basket.

I don't think he was trying to save the planet or anything, just trying to get some groceries and get home maybe, but hats off to him because he did't have to pay the $2.69 a gallon BP was charging.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DC's China Town gate in Washington DC

China Town Gate at night in Washington DC

While I was waiting for my friend outside of the metro, I got to watch a lot of the bustling crowds of people wandering by. I was standing right by the China town gate and thought it looks really lovely glowing in in the dusky evening light.

It is pretty amazing to me that China Town has become a hot spot because it was an area that was generally pretty quite other than events at the MCI Center (which is now renamed).

The neighborhood has a good vibe and it was cool to see so many people enjoying the city and cool restaurants.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning Fog In Tremont

Tremont Morning Fog on my street

This morning, Cleveland was embanked in fog. It is probably the worst I have ever experienced. It gave my neighborhood a very odd, weary feeling. The strange trees and slightly titled angle from just holding up the phone while I was driving makes everything feel off kilter . . . even a little bit spooky.

It almost seems like this photograph is something out of a 1950s archive from the neighborhood. It is like some of the pictures in the history archives that reflects it immigrant, mill worker past.

Tremont Morning Fog on my street

Tremont always has a bit of a throwback feeling to it, but with the fog masking anything that seemed modern day and the sun only a gleeming spot in the sky and not a visible mass, it made me stop my car, get out my phone and snap these pictures.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Strolling on the Strand at Bray Beach

Strolling on the Strand at Bray Beach

If you hop on the DART in Dublin City Centre and take the train about 20 minutes south, you will be at Bray. Bray is a seaside town that is about as close as Ireland gets to the Jersey Shore in America. There is a promenade and a couple of arcades for the kids and adults.

Mostly, it is a place where the Irish gather to enjoy a great view of the water. On this day, it was about 30 degrees (Fahrenheit). Since the sun had made an appearance and the kids were off of school, the area was packed with people. In American, we would have been hiding in our houses. The Irish, they never miss soaking up a minute of sun.