Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clipper Boat on the Ohio River

After a concert in Point State Park, I decided to walk home via the Fort Pitt Bridge. There is a great pedestrian walkway that goes from the Park right to the Duquesne Incline.

While I was walking home, a clipper boat came down the river and a train was coming in the distance. I took the opportunity to snap this photo of the great Ohio River - one of the less photographed views in Pittsburgh, but one of my favorites!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

French Quarter Cottage

One of my favorite things to do when I am in New Orleans is to get up early (generally, I am slightly exhausted) and wander around the French Quarter. I walk different street and get to enjoy the amazing architecture of the quarter. I have shot many photos of New Orleans over the years.

I love the weather look of some of these cottages.  The thing that amazes me is that behind these shutters is generally a different world. Lush and amazing apartments are hidden by these time tested wooden cottage shutters.

There were a couple of cottages that I shot that day, but I loved this one best. Ironcially, the color photo isn't that different, but I think the black and white really makes the patina show in this picture.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Budweiser Lawn Jockey

Sometimes the people in Pittsburgh can be a little bit ridiculous. Or course, you could always see times where things are teetering between brilliant and ludicrous. When I saw this lawn jockey in the South Side, I wasn't sure which one it was. Just to be safe, I ventured into the wreck of a yard and got a close up photo.
I am not sure if this is ridiculous because the lawn jockey is holding a beer can, or if it is brilliant because they turned a half-wrecked lawn jockey into a piece of art. 
I guess art is in the eye of the beholder, and it will be up to you to decide.  Today, I am leaning more toward art!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waffle House Condiments

It is pretty standard for a diner to have condiments on the table. You have the basic salt and paper, sugar and ketchup. The rest of the time, it is a total crap shoot the other stuff they will put on the table. Sometimes you might see malt vinegar, sometimes you might have mustard.  The occasional joint might have hot sauce.
At the Waffle House, they don't like to mess around. They put it all on the table. If you don't see it there, it probably doesn't exist or needs refridgerated.
I have nothing bad to say about the Waffle House because breakfast there with your honey is nothing but yummy goodness, and should always be followed up with a nap.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Owl Bet You Love It!

I have noticed a trend over the past few years  . . . Owls. They are popping up more and more places in the fashion world. Heck, I even seems to see more garden ornaments with owls. Do you think I am crazy?  I am not the only one who is talking about how owls are making a resurgence in fashion and pop culture (and the Chicago Trib as well).
When I was walking home from work in the South Side yesterday, I noticed the local coffee shop has caught onto the owl crazy. I thought it was a great sign. Cheezy marketing at its best, but the picture was so kitschy and cute, it made me want to stop in. (I was trying to beat a wicked storm, so it had to wait).
Owls  . .  who who will be spotted next?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Into Art at The Mattress Factory

I went to an art opening at the Mattress Factory over the weekend. It featured works from many different artist. This artist didn't put anything into the room, but took things away, such as pieces of ceiling and walls. In this picture, he cut out part of the plaster board (most likely installed for the event). People were really getting "into" it - both literally and figuratively.
It was interesting to watch a succession of people react to someone going in there, and deciding to try it out for themselves.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Balloons on the Wire

On Friday, I attended the opening of Gestures: Intimate Friction at the Mattress Factory. It is an exhibit that features a series of artists with pieces installed throughout the annex location of the Mattress Factory. 

When we first arrived at the opening, a large group of people was doing a release of red balloons. I am assuming it was related to the piece that allowed patrons to write their wishes on balloons. As we made our way upstairs, I looked out of the window and realized some of the balloons had been tangled on the wire.  Stranded dreams, I suppose.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Enlightenment in Mt. Washington

On my stroll home from the Incline the other day, I needed to stop at the grocery store. Instead of taking my normal route down Grandview Avenue, I walked through the back part of my neighborhood on one of the other main street. After I had stopped at the store, I was walking home and noticed this statue.
I have driven past this statue hundreds of time since it is a main street to get through Mt. Washington.  It was interesting that is wonderful statue was perched outside of the Rite Aid.
According to the plaque, the statue by Eugenio Pedon is called enlightenment. Apparently, this 'lady of stone' was rescued from top the entrance of the old post office building on Smithfield Street (1889 - 1966). 
Although the city didn't have the foresight to save the incredible post office building, at least this relic remains for us to enjoy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pittsburgh Skyline In Spring

The premature summer weather we have been experiencing is definitely gone. However, it has been replaced with brisk, clear spring weather. On my jaunt to the Mon Incline, I snapped this pic. I love how the sun was flooding over the Mon River and showering the city in the morning.
Although I love summer weather, I still think there is something so exciting about the Spring when everything changes from grey to a million colors.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Beans at Trader Jacks

This sunday, I ventured to Trader Jack's Flea Market. Apparently, this flea market has been around for 20 years. It is a funky mix of permanant vendors, people with weekly stands and fruits and vegetable vendors. Like any other farmer's market, there were lots of fresh fruits and vegetables at really affordable prices. I picked up some limes, asparagus and some of these yummy green beans. 

The pile of beans and the additional witty comment definitely caught my eye. Nothing like a flea market.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Washington and Guyasuta Statue

I am lucky enough to have a great view from my apartment. The most obvious thing is the Pittsburgh Skyline. However, there is a great statue outside my window on Grandview Avenue of George Washington and Seneca Tribe leader Guyasuta.

It is a place tourists often come for the overlook, but also to see the statue after dining at local restaurants. The intensity of the statues and their crouched position. It really represents the early history of the area and the importance Pittsburgh had in the foundation of the United States as a young country.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Han Solo Effect

Let's just say that I am fan of Star Wars. The first one came out when I was pretty little, but like most people who were young at the time, it captured our imagination.  When I was really little, I had a crush on Luke Skywalker  . . . yes it was the scene where he swings himself and Leia to safety 
However, when the Empire Strikes back came out, I was old enough to realized the Han was the loveable rouge.  Yes, he is the guy all women chase and secretly hope will be like the hero we see in the movie. 
The other day, I was in Target and noticed this Han Solo bobble head. It is pretty much the best $5 I ever spent. He is perched on my desk giving me great inspiration every day.
"Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you? "
At any rate, I did a little test of my new cell phone app - no it is not instagram because I have a droid.  I do think it does capture the many moods of my favorite space hero!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter Sky on the River

Since the days are longer and the weather is warmer, I have started to go to work on foot. I walk to the Mon Incline and hop a bus into work. As I was walking through the dusky morning,  I noticed how beautiful the city was.

The sky was still winter grey, but the translucent light was casting some interesting shadows on the the city and on the river.

I crossed the street to snap a picture with my phone. The color photo didn't really capture what I wanted, but turning to black and white really brought the bridges to life.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Celtic Cross at a Galway Cemetery

One of the things that amazes me about Ireland is Celtic design. They are so intricate. If you have ever tried to replicate one, you will quickly realize most of them are difficult and very mathematical.

I visited an old Graveyard right on the outskirts of the city. It had been pointed out to me when I was on a previous bus trip and I had been wanting to go back there for awhile.  I was totally blown away by how many Celtic crosses there were. It was the standard for a headstone a hundred years ago.  The graveyard was littered with them.

This Celtic cross in particular was of a HUGE scale in comparison with the other. It also had cravings on all four sides, indicating it is more expensive.  Modern crosses often only have the face carved.

Due to the position and scale of this cross, I was able to shoot it with the cemetery chapel in the background. It also shows that it is a modern graveyard because there are standard slab headstones, some very recent, in the background.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Claddagh Boats in Galway Harbor

On my recent trip to Ireland, I went back to Galway. It is one of my favorite cities, and looks like what a Tourist 'thinks' an Irish city should be.

Another of the cool aspect of Galway is that the small town of Claddagh is there.   Yes, the famous Claddagh ring was conceived there for poor fisherman and their wives. 

When I was walking around the harbor, I noticed a series of row boats tied to the shore. This one especially caught my eye. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lego Liberty Bell

While I was in the Philadelphia airport last week, I walked past this replica of the Liberty Bell. The best part of it was that it was made of Lego. I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Steeler's House

As most people know, Steeler's fans are a pretty avid group of folks. You don't get a moniker like Steeler Nation without having some pretty heavy support for the team.  These people wear Steelers stuff all year.  They put they babies in Steeler jerseys, they wear that stuff to church.

Let's just say . .  they are devoted.  As I was walking to get some lunch the other day, I took a different street than usual and notice this  . . the Steeler House.  Can it be called the Terrible House (after The Terrible Towel)?

Now, I really love the Steelers, I wear a game jersey on game days, but holy macaroons, this is pretty invested - wouldn't you say?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Sunrise on Grandview Avenue

The weather earlier this week was incredibly calm. One of the results was a series of crystal clear skies. This is a photo I shot when I got up to work out in the morning.

When I looked out the window, the pink horizon in the sky totally caught my attention. The early morning was a combination of the bright lights of the city and the incredible colors behind it in the sky.  I had to snap a quick pic!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Patina in Lower Manhattan

On a recent trip to NY, my friend and I had experienced the city when it was a ghost town. I know that is a little hard to believe, but the week after NYE was so quiet, that Manhattan seemed like a deserted island.

We had to walk around for about 30 minutes to find a place that was actually open. Finally, we found a gem of a place in the village called Anyway Cafe. It was the type of hidden, petite place that makes Manhattan so special. The atmosphere was incredible, and the building was either built to look old, or just really old. I shot this photo of the door inside the bathroom.

The lock was old and metal and amazing. The patina of time gave it incredible charm. Loved it!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Tree Graveyard

While I was in New York visiting a friend, we enjoyed the great weather by grabbing lunch and eating in the park. Once we were finished, we headed to a little pub in the village. As we wandered through the park, we saw these kids making the most of the Christmas trees that has been abandoned after the holiday. They were playing a funny little game of hide and seek.