Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Resolution - Jealous Again?

In the past, this blog has been a 'photo' blog that was started when I made a New Year Resolution to take a photo every day.  
This year, I decided to take on a new resolution. I am going to start listening to my CDs - the whole thing. I am going to enjoy the artistry of the albums musicians make.

I figured, since the word 'noise' is in my blog name, music could and should be included.

I started the tradition during the Christmas holiday. However, my first album of the New Year was "Shake Your Money Maker" by The Black Crowes.

I had forgotten how amazing this album is. I love The Black Crowes and saw them this summer for the first time.  Chris Robinson is like a music alien. I don't think he doesn't know how to love music and let it in his soul.
Money Maker is packed from end to end with amazing music. Every track is worth listening to - no skips here.   From the rockin' Jealous Again and Hard to Handle to the heart breaking She Talks to Angels, dust this one off and listen from end to end.  It will make your day better.  Promise.

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Grant said...

I first saw the Black Crowes back in the EARLY 90s... they opened for ZZTop and I immediately LOVED them. They totally overshadowed the main act that concert... I bought that CD immediately and still listen to it often. Great way to start your year-long tour of your albums! Favorite track... "Stare it Cold."